Web Site Go Boom



FYI, our main Web site--tucsonweekly.com is down. Please, everyone, remain calm. NO PANICKING!!!!

Rest assured, our webmaster is on the case, and I am sure the Web site will be back up and running soon. Meanwhile, the blog is working fine (obviously, if you're reading this), although the teasers to the main Web site and the top navigation bar are hosed. And while TAMMIES.com, the URL, is not working, the site can be accessed via tammies.ning.com.

So, there ya go. And please, NO PANICKING!

UPDATE: As of 3:30 p.m., the Web site is back, we think, we hope, oh god we hope. It was down due to a midtown power outage that zonked out the office where our servers are located. So, feel free to stop panicking now, unless the site goes down again, in which case, feel free to just lose it completely. Thank you, and god bless.

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