Regarding "The Art of John Lennon"



In this week's issue, Anna Mirocha wrote a City Week blurb on The Art of John Lennon, a traveling show coming to La Encantada this weekend.

Something we did not note in the blurb, unfortunately, is the fact that there are some questions about the art being displayed. Margaret Regan wrote about this on Jan. 11, 1996, the last time this exhibit came through town.

Here's an excerpt:

Part of the problem with this show, though, which an art critic feels duty-bound to point out, is that much of what's on display is essentially very expensive posters of Lennon's drawings, with added-on colors selected by his widow. ... Buyers should beware that [most] of the pictures, many of them whimsical, even charming, images of John with his wife and son, are reproductions, produced after his death in lithograph and serigraph (silkscreen) by hired artisans. They just don't count as his artwork.

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