It's a Gas, Gas, Gas...Bill


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Are you as flabbergasted about your gas bill as I am?

My neighbor called me to complain about her $99 gas bill, and then I opened my Southwest Gas bill and SCREAMED, as mine was $178. Last month, it was a temperate $44. Ouch.

Then I started asking around, and one of my neighbors had a $250 gas bill.

I live in a double-brick house that could be a few years younger than me. I have no insulation. The other day, I had two pairs of socks on (one wool), shoes, sweat pants, jeans over the sweat pants, a tank top, a flannel shirt, a sweat shirt and another warmer sweatshirt on—and I was cold. And my thermostat said it was 69 degrees.

This house is like the big chill. As I type this, my fingers are frostbitten.

I have been trying to call the gas company for days, but I get a perpetual busy signal. I guess I'm not the only person in town with a gas problem.

And if I don't run the heat, sometimes it's warmer outside than in my house ... brrrrr.


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