CD8 Candidates on Sex Offenders



While I was not at this debate, I have to say that the exchange between Randy Graf and Gabrielle Giffords regarding sex offenders, as reported by Daniel Scarpinato, was pretty damn funny:

After Graf criticized Giffords in his opening statement as being soft on sex offenders, she shot back, referring to his former campaign manager, Steve Aiken. Graf fired Aiken in June after it surfaced that he had been convicted of having sex with a minor in the mid-'90s. Though initially the incident was viewed as a liability, Graf has received little public criticism over it during the campaign — until Tuesday.

"Explain that to the voters of Arizona," Giffords said of Aikens' employment with his campaign.

Graf didn't provide a direct explanation, but accused Giffords of "taking a cheap shot based on information you got off of a blog. Congratulations."

Randy, Randy, Randy ... face it: You hired a sex offender. You made a mistake; fess up to it, and move on. The fact that Aiken's little problem was first reported on a blog is moot; it was true.

Politicans sure can be a hoot, can't they? God bless 'em.

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