Your Monday Morning News Update.



-- Arrested Development was freakin' ROBBED. Again.

-- Florida: Nice place to visit, but wouldn't wanna live there.

-- And finally, I have decided the Star is reacting to our loving, gentle (or not) mocking of "Thorns and Flowers" by ratcheting up the stoooopid. I know this makes no sense, but now else can you explain them giving a flower to a restaurant in India—yes, that India, for the removing Nazi names and symbols—yes, that Nazi—from the restaurant. This is so inane I can hardly comprehend it. The restaurant's in MUMBAI. And the owner is removing something HE NEVER SHOULD HAVE PUT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. And for this, they get a FLOWER.

Wow. Best. Thorns and Flowers. EVER.

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