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Tucson Graffiti Guide


Bomb: A bigger name or graphic, often with two or three colors of paint.

Burner: A cross between a bomb and a piece, a burner is made up of at least three different colors of paint.

Line Tag/One Liner: One line of graffiti, usually a tag, done without lifting up the marker or paint.

Mob: A verb used for the act of going out and writing graffiti.

Piece: An intricate, large-scale painting with multiple colors, usually at least five.

Spray paint: Krylon spray paint was huge for graffiti art in the early '90s, but now, companies like Montana make specialized paint just for graffiti, according to Exit.

Tag: Graffiti name.

Tips: These spray out paint in different sizes and are specially made for the graffiti community; they're available at hip-hop shops around town.

Top-to-Bottom: Covering an entire wall or train car with graffiti.

Toy: A derogatory term for a beginner in graffiti, or an older person who never got good.

Wheat pasting: A form of postering within the street-art community. Draw and print a poster, then paste it on the wall with a wheat mixture.

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